Clean Air Webinar — Connecting Air Quality Across Canada

Watch the recording of this webinar where we connect within and beyond Alberta to organizations doing work in the air quality field. Let’s listen and learn about air quality considerations and local action across Canada.
Clean Air Webinar: Connecting Air Quality Across Canada | April 25, 2023 | 10 AM MDT

In this webinar, we connect within and beyond Alberta to organizations doing work in the air quality field. Let’s listen and learn about air quality considerations and local action across Canada.


  • Tanya Carlson, Engagement Program Manager, Calgary Region Airshed Zone
    Tanya will present on the projects that Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) has underway to engage a multi-stakeholder audience in air quality. Projects include education presentations, working with stakeholders in creating workshops for our member needs, and idle free programs.
  • Devanshi Kukadia, Climate Communications Lead, Clean Air Partnership
    Desislava Stefanova, Outreach Manager, Clean Air Partnership
    Devanshi and Desislava from Clean Air Partnership will cover the history and successful model of the Clean Air Council, a peer-to-peer municipal and public health network. They will also speak to a recent project, Clearing the Air, which conducted near-road air quality monitoring.
  • Patience Rakochy, Regional Program Lead, Northern Interior Region, Fraser Basin Council
    Patience will present on her work with Fraser Basin Council to build a collaborative network for shared work on air quality in British Columbia.

Links to studies and reports referred to during the webinar

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Presenter Bios

Tanya Carlson portraitTanya Carlson started working with CRAZ as the Engagement Program Manager in March 2015. Her role in CRAZ has allowed her to host workshops, promote idle free programs and teach in area schools. Tanya has spent several years working in non-profits in Marketing and Special Event Management. She also has 10 years of experience as a Recreation Therapist specializing in Gerontology.
Patience Rakochy portraitPatience Rakochy is a recent addition to the Fraser Basin Council team. She was brought on board as the General Manager of the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (PGAIR) to support the members of which are working to achieve desired air quality targets for the region. She manages all the affairs of the roundtable including budgets, special committees, community presence and events coordination. She is currently working in collaboration with other reginal air quality managers to realize efficiencies, and design projects that reach a broader audience. She is also in the process of developing a new Air Quality Management Plan with the members of PGAIR.
Desislava portraitDesislava Stefanova is the Outreach Manager at Clean Air Partnership and the lead of the Climate Action Council – Canada’s largest peer-to-peer municipal climate action network. Desislava is a passionate public speaker and ambassador of ideas, acting as a bridge between science/policy/business and broader audiences.
Devanshi portraitDevanshi Kukadia is the Climate Communications Lead at Clean Air Partnership. She is passionate about building climate resilience in the community and bringing positive changes in policies related to climate change and pollution at all levels of government. In her free time, she volunteers with the United Nations Association in Canada and the Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network to advance youth-led environmental initiatives.

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