Clean Air Webinar: Climate Change & Air Quality Linkages—Implications for Health

Watch the recording of our September 26 webinar, as we explore the relationships between climate change, air quality, and the health of Canadians.
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Missed the September 26 Webinar? Watch the recording below.

Hosted by West Central Airshed Society and Alberta Capital Airshed

This Clean Air Webinar digs deeper some of the concepts covered in June’s webinar, Climate Change and Air Quality. In particular, guest speakers Marika Egyed and Phil Blagden will address how the linkages between air quality and climate change have important implications for health as reported in the Air Quality chapter of Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate.

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Marika Egyed PortraitMarika Egyed leads the Air Sectors Health Assessment Section in Health Canada’s air quality program. She has 30 years of experience conducting human health risk assessments for air pollutants. Her team evaluates the health risks associated with air pollutant mixtures from multiple sources of air pollution, including diesel exhaust and traffic-related air pollution. Her team’s work includes assessment of the health burden of air pollution as well as of individual sources of air pollution, and the health benefits associated with emission reductions of mitigation strategies. Marika was the co-lead author of the chapter addressing air quality in the national climate change assessment report “Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate”.

Phil Blagden has more than thirty years experience in air quality science and is presently the senior science advisor for Health Canada’s air quality program. His responsibilities include contributing to the development of research priorities and supporting the operation of the program’s research governance process. Recently, he was a co-author of a chapter on air quality in the report Health of Canadians in a Changing Climate. Phil has a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Carleton University (1978) and a M.Sc. in Toxicology from Memorial University (1994).
Portait of Gary RedmondGary Redmond is the Executive Director of both the Alberta Capital Airshed and the West Central Airshed Society, where he provides leadership in air quality management within Alberta. With a background in emergency and environmental management spanning over 25 years, Gary has held senior positions within government, industry, and NGO sectors in Canada and abroad. Gary brings a passion of multi-stakeholder collaboration and community capacity building in all that he does.

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