Photo Credit: Naomi Tam

ACA’s Board of Directors is composed of representatives from government, industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Those from the public may serve on the board as non-voting members.

Current Board Members ACA:

Christian Benson

Manager, City of St. Albert

Brent Korobanik

Manager, Lehigh Cement

Kalen Pilkington

Director, MacEwan University

Darcy Garchinski

Director, Alberta Health Services

John Prusakowski

Public Member

Raquel Feroe

Public Member

Steve McIsaac

Executive Director, Inside Education

Chandra Tomaras

Environmental Consultant, City of Edmonton

Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug

Manager, Strathcona County

Elizabeth McDonald

Environmental Specialist, Hexion Canada Inc.

Peter Bieman

Instructor, NAIT

Lois Dvorsky

Environmental Manager, University of Alberta

As with the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) and all Airsheds in Alberta, ACA approaches its work in accordance with the guiding principle of consensus decision-making whereby consensus is reached when there is unanimous agreement amongst all stakeholders. The process seeks to ensure that each person is able to accept the outcome of the decision made with the aim of finding the most optimal solution to serve the best interests of all. This approach tends to lead to more innovative decisions that are more enduring over the longer term, in comparison to those made via more conventional means.


Gary Redmond

Executive Director

Brenda Barber


Kevin McCullum

Data Manager/ Chief Scientist