Celebrate Clean Air Day on June 5, 2024

Clean Air Day in Canada is always celebrated on the Wednesday of Environment Week. It is a time to reflect on the importance of clean air, and our impact on it.

The first Clean Air Day in Canada was in 1999, when the Government of Canada declared:

  • clean air to be a federal priority
  • acknowledged clean air’s importance to the wellbeing of the Canadian people
  • that they recognized that air pollution and greenhouses were harmful
  • that they recognized that people needed to come together and make changes to reduce the emissions that contribute to air pollution and climate change

How can you work toward cleaner air?

Be Idle Free. Shut off your car’s engine when parked.

Burn clean. Avoid burning wood, or at least reduce how often you burn. Choose only dry, clean, untreated wood, and don’t burn household waste.

Choose active transportation. Cycle, walk, or skateboard when you can.

Learn about the AQHI Scale and how it can help you plan your outdoor activities

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