Airsheds and Artists:

Raising Air Quality Awareness


ACA has partnered in a creative initiative with Canadian Women in Design (CWID). We’ve commissioned original artworks by talented CWID designers and local artists to beautify four of our air monitoring stations.

By transforming an industrial-looking monitoring station into a captivating focal point, ACA hopes to engage its Airshed communities in creative ways that inspire conversations about air quality.



Check back often for updates and behind-the-scenes updates in this creative collaboration!


“We believe that air monitoring stations not only provide reliable air quality data, but can add beauty and inspiration to our surroundings.”  ~Gary Redmond, ACA Executive Director

Air quality data from the station allows the community to understand the overall air quality and to make choices regarding their outdoor activities on poor air quality days.” ~ Robert Chrobak, ACA Operations Manager

Alberta is facing another scary wildfire season with the lack of moisture! We all know its coming and it will affect the quality of life for everyone, especially the vulnerable population. My mom is a double lung transplant recipient, making air quality a pretty consistent topic in our family. It’s important to advocate for a world where everyone can enjoy the outdoors safely.” ~ Amanda Schutz, CWID Artist