Wildfire Smoke: Impacts on environment & health

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Missed our June 16 webinar on wildfire smoke? Watch the recording below.

Wildfires are becoming more common, as are their negative impacts to air quality and human health. Three experts in the fields of forestry, air quality and pediatric environmental health give us their takes on the issue of wildfire smoke.

This webinar is for anyone interested in air quality, forest ecology, environmental health or clinical practice for patients coping with respiratory issues.


Alex Drummond is a senior instructor at Norquest College, former instructor at the UofA’s Forestry program for 25 years and is a former President of the Canadian Institute of Forestry . Alex will help us better understand what’s happening when wildfires occur. We’ll also hear his prognosis of wildfires including what we can expect and why wildfires are more prevalent today.

Dr. Kevin McCullum is Alberta Capital Airshed’s Data Manager and Chief Scientist. Kevin will bring the data alive to explain trends and impacts that wildfire smoke is having on our air quality.

Dr. Anne Hicks, FRCPC, MSc, PhD is the Clinical Lead at the Children’s Environmental Health Clinic at the University of Alberta. She will be presenting on how wildfire smoke uniquely impacts children. Discussion will include impacts unique to the school setting during COVID, asthma control strategies, and how to protect children’s health during wildfire smoke occurrences.

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