Clean Air Webinar — Protecting Little Lungs: Outdoor Air Quality and Children’s Health

Watch our Clean Air Webinar on “Protecting Little Lungs: Outdoor Air Quality and Children's Health - Recommendations for Childcare Facilities”.

Gain an understanding of the health impacts of ambient air pollution and wildfire smoke on children, and why children are more vulnerable to poor air quality compared to adults. Our expert speakers will discuss why children are at greater risk, highlighting factors such as higher respiratory rates, developing immune systems, and increased time spent outdoors. Beyond discussing the health impacts, this webinar will offer practical recommendations for childcare facilities on what they can do during wildfire smoke events to ensure safe outdoor play. Our speakers will share actionable steps to create safer environments for children.

Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge to safeguard the health of children in your care.

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Dr Anne Hicks head shotDr. Anne Hicks, Associate Professor
University of Alberta, Department of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine and Children’s Environmental Health Clinic
Anne is a Pediatric Respirologist. Her research focuses on the impact of air quality, environmental exposures, and climate change on children’s lung health, with a special interest in pediatric asthma.
Dr. Amina Hussein, Assistant Professor, Canada Research Chair in Laser-Plasma Interactions
University of Alberta, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Amina is a mother, a runner, a university professor, and a board member of the Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future. Her research team strives to address issues in climate change adaptation and mitigation, which has brought her to this work in air-quality monitoring.

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Alberta Capital Airshed