Clean Air Webinar — Navigating Indoor-Outdoor Air Quality Amid Wildfire Smoke

Watch the recording of our May 13 Clean Air Webinar on "Navigating Indoor-Outdoor Air Quality Amid Wildfire Smoke." Learn about the adverse effects of wildfire smoke on the human body, and gain insights into utilizing tools like the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) and DIY air purifiers to plan your day and protect your health.
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Explore a comprehensive overview of indoor air quality guidance in Canada, focusing on creating cleaner air spaces to mitigate the impact of poor air quality caused by wildfires. Discover how indoor air quality monitoring and filtration strategies can improve indoor air quality. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to safeguard indoor environments during wildfire season.


  • Jamie Happy, Alberta Lung Association
    Jamie will provide an overview of how poor air quality affects the human body, general public, and different at-risk populations. The presentation will discuss how to use tools like the AQHI and DIY air purifiers to plan your day and provide an example of an air quality event plan.
  • Patrick Goegan, Health Canada
    Pat will present an overview of indoor air quality guidance for cleaner air spaces in Canada. The presentation will highlight several of the important pollutants of concern, considerations for operating community-based cleaner air spaces, and advice for maintaining good quality indoor air within these spaces.
  • Roberta MacGillivray, BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions
    Wildfire smoke quickly enters buildings and homes and can very quickly degrade indoor air quality, causing potentially serious health problems for occupants. Roberta will discuss key strategies and practical measures that can be employed to improve air quality indoors when it’s smoky outside.

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Presenter Bios

Headshot of Jamie Happy Jamie Happy (BSc), an experienced healthcare and science professional, is the Health Promotions Coordinator for Alberta Lung Association. Her role sees her advance lung health research and policy, educate the public and assist patients on their healthcare journey through multiple support programs.
Photograph of Pat Goegan giving a thumbs upPatrick Goegan is a senior scientist and a member of the Indoor Air Contaminants Assessment Section of Health Canada. He has over 30 years of experience working in the field of air quality, both in the areas of experimental research and in the development of guidance for improving indoor air quality in residential and public spaces in Canada. Patrick was the lead author on Health Canada’s “Guidance for Cleaner Air Spaces During Wildfire Events”.
Headshot of Roberta MacGillivrayRoberta MacGillivray is the co-owner and Executive Director of BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions. She is a passionate clean air champion and recognized filtration and indoor air quality industry leader. She’s been with BGE for close to 25 years working with her team of now 275 team members to safely build and maintain clean, healthy indoor air environments with thousands of customers and facilities across Western Canada. She is the Past President of the National Air Filtration Association and also sits on NAFA and ASHRAE technical committees that develop clean air best practices and standards across North America.

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