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About Us

Alberta Capital Airshed - Your local Airshed

Who we are

The Alberta Capital Airshed (ACA) is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that monitors, collects and shares information on air quality to the public. In addition, the ACA provides outreach and educational initiatives to increase air quality awareness and facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue to address local issues. 

ACA is one of ten airsheds in Alberta, who together serve as the air monitoring partnership for Albertans. Across Alberta, Airsheds operate more than 70 continuous air quality monitoring stations and 250 passive air quality monitoring sites. 

ACA’s primary role is to monitor air quality and share the data, and supplementary information, transparently with the public.

Every person breathes the air and deserves to understand the state of air quality, as good air is essential to a good quality of life. 

To ensure there is a full picture of air quality on one website, we also share data from industry and government stations.  Some industry are required, through their permit to operate, to support ambient air quality monitoring and Alberta Environment and Parks operates a few stations in the Edmonton area. 

All continuous stations and passive sites, regardless who is funding the operations, must adhere to Alberta’s Air Monitoring Directive to ensure the data is accurate.  The ACA plays a critical role of providing community and stakeholder oversight through the management of the ACA’s Regional Monitoring Plan which addresses all ambient air quality monitoring in the region.  

Mission & Vision


Residents within the Alberta Capital Airshed region live, work and play in a safe and healthy environment with clean air that has no measurable short or long term adverse effects on people, animals or the environment.


To provide easily accessible, high quality data and expertise vital to develop comprehensive air quality management plans – clean air solutions that keep our air clean

Our Board

ACA’s Board of Directors is composed of representatives from the following three sectors—government, industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); as well as members of the public.

Peter Bieman


Dan Carter

Strathcona Industrial Assoc

Raquel Feroe

Public Member

Darcy Garchinski

Alberta Health Services

Brent Korobanik

Lehigh Cement

Steve McIsaac

Inside Education

Beth Nanni

Alberta Environment & Parks

Kalen Pilkington

MacEwan University

Michael Taylor

Strathcona Industrial Assoc

Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug

Strathcona County

Chandra Tomaras

City of Edmonton

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