About Us

Who We Are

The Alberta Capital Airshed (ACA) is a not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that monitors and provides public information on air quality, as well as develops recommendations regarding air quality management and monitoring. In addition, ACA facilitates dialogue among the community, industry and government for managing air quality within an area that parallels the Edmonton Census Metropolitan Area (between the West Central Airshed Society to the west and the Fort Air Partnership to the northeast).

ACA is one of ten airsheds in Alberta, who together serve as an air monitoring partnership for Albertans. Air quality monitoring is not new within the region, as ACA’s area includes one of the first air quality monitoring networks in Alberta—the Strathcona Industrial Association (SIA). One of ACA’s primary roles is to gather the information together from air quality monitoring data conducted by our members  ensuring all stakeholders, including the public, have access to this important information.

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As an airshed, educating about air quality is an essential part of what we do. It is important to us as an organization to inform through not only sharing air quality data but also providing tips on how we can all do our part to reduce air pollution and serve as environmental stewards at an individual level.

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