Idle Free Toolkit

Be it from a car, truck, bus or motorcycle, vehicle exhaust emissions are a leading cause of air pollution around the world. Green house gases and other air contaminants from internal combustion engines not only affect the environment, they are potentially harmful to our health and wellbeing.

The ACA is committed to protecting and improving air quality for all capital region residents. That’s why we’ve developed an Idle Free Toolkit to guide municipalities through the creation of legislative tools and idle free resources that will discourage unnecessary vehicle idling.

The decision to idle a vehicle is in our hands. With the turn of a key, we can all make a profound difference in our communities and the legacy we leave for future generations. And since we all breathe the same air, it makes sense to work together to keep it clean.

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As an airshed, educating about air quality is an essential part of what we do. It is important to us as an organization to inform through not only sharing air quality data but also providing tips on how we can all do our part to reduce air pollution and serve as environmental stewards at an individual level.

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