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ACA’s Board of Directors is composed of representatives from the following three sectors—government, industry and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Those from the public may serve on the board as non-voting members.

As with the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) and all airsheds in Alberta, ACA approaches its work in accordance with the guiding principle of consensus decision-making whereby consensus is reached when there is unanimous agreement amongst all stakeholders. Although not everyone may be able to achieve all of their goals through this method of decision-making, the process seeks to ensure that each person is able to accept the outcome of the decision made with the aim of finding the most optimal solution to serve the best interests of all. This approach also tends to lead to more innovative decisions reached that are more enduring over the longer term, in comparison to those made via more conventional means. 

ACA’s current board members are:


Brent Korobanik, Environmental Manager at Lehigh Cement.  Brent is responsible for ensuring operations at the Edmonton cement manufacturing facility, and associated cement-related facilities, are compliant with all applicable regulations.  Lehigh Cement operates an ambient air monitoring station in west Edmonton and is one of the founding members of ACA.

Frederic Picard, Ph.D., Plant manager at Rio Tinto Alcan and President at Strathcona Industrial Association (SIA).  The SIA is comprised of heavy industry operators in east Edmonton and Strathcona County who work with the community and all levels of government to promote a safe and healthy working and living environment.

Michael Taylor, Capital Power and VP Environment at Strathcona Industrial Association (SIA).


Maria Vavro, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP).

Darcy Garchinski, Director, Environmental Public Health, Alberta Health Services—Edmonton Zone.  Darcy leads a team of environmental public health experts responsible for enforcing Alberta’s Public Health Act and related Regulations.  In executing this legislative authority, the team prevents exposure to environmental factors that could otherwise pose risk to human health.

Chandra Tomara, Director, Sustainable Development department of the City of Edmonton. The City of Edmonton supports the shared goal of effective regional air monitoring and management.

Jocelyn Thrasher-Haug, Manager of Environmental and Open Space Planning for Strathcona County (and professional biologist). Jocelyn is responsible for environmental planning and sustainability initiatives. Strathcona County is a specialized municipality bordered by the City of Edmonton to the west and Elk Island National Park to the east.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Raquel Feroe FRCP(C), Facilitator for Eco-Air. Edmonton's Children's Organized Anti-idling Recruiters are an Emerald Award winning youth group working to bring awareness to air quality issues. Dr. Feroe is happy to support a youth group bringing light to the inseparable links between environmental health and human health.

Steve McIsaac, Executive Director, Inside Education.

Andrew Read, Pembina Institute.

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As an airshed, educating about air quality is an essential part of what we do. It is important to us as an organization to inform through not only sharing air quality data but also providing tips on how we can all do our part to reduce air pollution and serve as environmental stewards at an individual level.

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